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CULT WINE: Celebrating diversity in wine by supporting artisan winegrowers and lo-fi wine.


We are a specialist wine merchant located in Wellington, New Zealand. We pride ourselves on celebrating the most exciting wines in the market with a focus on family owned producers, lo-fi wine and underloved styles. Enjoy browsing through our offerings which change regularly.

Cult Wine was founded by Jules van Costello and Asher Boote owners of Hillside Kitchen and The Ramen Shop and together, have over 20 years restaurant experience. Cult Wine arose out of discovering huge demand for some of the most exciting, grower-made wines Hillside champions: wines with character, personality and integrity. These wines are inevitably made by producers who share the same values as us; they are sustainable, ethical, question the status quo and, most importantly, have a relentless pursuit of quality.

Many of our wines have short descriptors to give you a little bit more information about how they were grown, made and what to expect. 
Here is a breakdown of what we mean by each:

ORGANIC: Grown using organic viticulture.
BIODYNAMIC: Grown using biodynamic viticulture.
CON-VIT Grown with conventional viticulture (used in relation to our selection of Lo-Fi Wine). 
DRY GROWN: Grown without irrigation. 

NO SO2: Wines bottled without the additon of any sulfur dioxide, a common preservative found in many products. We have an entire selection of these. 
NATURAL: Farmed either organically or biodynamically, made using minimal winemaking intervention (no additions such commercial yeasts, tannin or acid and certianly no mechanical intervention) and bottled unfined and unfiltered with minimum effective sulphur dioxide. The ideal is a wine made with nothing added or taken away.

HARDCORE: Our most extreme, uncompromising wines. These wines don't come cheap but are totally worth it. 
CLASSIC: The name says it all... Wines that have stood the test of time and will (usually) also be eminently cellarable. 
FUTURE CLASSIC: Wines that have the finesse and character to edge out the established classics. 
SMASHABLE: Fun, juicy and full of flavour. One bottle is never enough. 
MINDFUCK ALERT: These wines challenge the very notion of what we mean by the word 'wine'.
EVERYDAY VALUE: Wines under $25 that completely over deliver. 
WILD: On the extreme, funky, raw edge of the wine spectrum.

Cult Wine was launched with a PledgeMe that raised over 800% of its target level of funding. Please watch our PledgeMe video here: