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What is Natural Wine? Ask a natural wine zealot and you are likely to get an hour long sermon full of more contradictions than a Donald Trump rally.

‘Natural’ has become a catch-all for a school of hard-core winemaking that eschews many modern winemaking techniques. By and large this means either organic or biodynamic agriculture, indigenous yeasts (preferably those from the vineyard), little (if any) oak, no additions - such as acidification, and as little sulfur as humanly possible.

Some producers also use terms like 'low intervention' and 'LowFi' which are terms we embrace, these terms refer to wines make with as little or no intervention as possible but from vineyards that are not neccicarly organic (making wine this way still requires the grower to manage thier vineyards extremely well), this is usually for producers who are too young to own thier own vineyards yet and we believe these guys are still well worth supporting. 

When these wines are on, they are ON! These wines are unassailably pure, focused and moving. At their best they are the most profound expressions of terroir imaginable. At their worst (or even their most middling) they are faulty beyond belief and barely drinkable. They are a veritable tightrope walk. These represent our most extreme, natural, Natural Wines. We hope they challenge and inspire.

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2016 Kindeli La Lechuza Petillant Natural Riesling

SMASHABLE: Riesling PetNat from Kindeli in Nelson

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SKU: 16KINlel
2015 Savage Follow the Line

FUTURE CLASSIC: Profound Western Cape Rhone blend 

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SKU: 15SAVfoll
2014 COS Nero di Lupo

CLASSIC: Powerhouse Nero d'Avola from COS

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SKU: 14COSnero
2014 Easthope Moteo Merlot

Powerful, rich, natural Merlot

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Sorry this product is out of stock. Please email us and we will see if we can get some more for you!
2015 Matthieu Barret Petit Ours Syrah (Domaine du Coulet)
Structured, intense natural Syrah
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SKU: 15COUpetit
2015 Buronfosse Marcus Terentius Varro Chardonnay

Entry level natural Jura Chardy

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SKU: 15BURmarc
2012 Gut Oggau Joschuari (Red)

CLASSIC Blaufrankisch from PoMo producer

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SKU: 12GUTjosc
2015 Domaine Mosse Anjou Blanc
Focused, taut Chenin Blanc
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SKU: 15MOSbla
2016 Ekleipsis Second Skin

SMASHABLE: Textured, crisp, skin-fermented Chardy/Gris blend

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SKU: 16EKLseskin
2015 Domaine Mosse Anjou Rouge
Beautiful, edgy Loire Cab Franc Blend
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SKU: 15MOSrou