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Skin Contact Whites (aka Orange / Amber Wines)

With hues that range from pale yellow, through orange to vibrantly pink these wines are the anti-rose. Better described as amber or skin fermented wines - these wines take white grapes and treat them like red. This extracts colour, tannin and a complex fruit expression. They are on the edge of winemaking and are sometimes extremely challenging. But however challenging they reward ten times over.

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2017 Escarpment Ryan (Skin Contact Riesling)

Escarpment's Skin Fermented Riesling ORGANIC / HARDCORE

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SKU: 17ESCryan
2016 Occhipiniti SP68 Bianco 'Terre Siciliane'

Pure, aromatic Sicilian Muscat/Albanello blend NATURAL / HARDCORE

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SKU: 16OCCbian
2016 Jauma Why Try So Hard (Chenin / Semillon)

A skinsy blend of Chenin and Semillon!

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SKU: 16JAUwhytry
2016 Foradori Manzoni Bianco

Manzoni Bianco (a crossing of Riesling and Pinot Blanc) with short skin maceration NATURAL

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SKU: 16FORImanzoni
2017 Cambridge Road Cloudwalker

Cloudy, funky skin-fermented blend of Gris, Noir, Meunier, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc

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SKU: 17CAMclou
2017 AGENT. by Ben Glover

Wild, funky, Orange Field Blend from a legendary Marlborough wine-grower


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SKU: 17BGagent
2013 Gut Oggau Timoteus

Gruner on Skins... Sounds Gut! NATURAL

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SKU: 13GUOtimm
2016 Millton ‘Libiamo’ Field Blend

FUTURE CLASSIC: One of NZ's finest orange wines... a musky blend of aromatics... NATURAL

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SKU: 16MILlibf
2017 The Hermit Ram Sauvignon Blanc (Skin Fermented)

Skins on Savvy NATURAL

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SKU: 17HERSsauv
2015 Terpin Quinto Quarto Rebula

Awesome Rebula (Ribolla Gialla) from.... SLOVENIA NATURAL

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SKU: 15TERquinto
2015 Green Glow (by The Supernatural)

Beautifully textured skin-fermented Sauvignon Blanc ORGANIC

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2017 Testalonga 'Baby Bandito' Stay Brave Chenin Blanc (Skins)

Skin-fermented Chenin from South Africa WILD / NATURAL

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SKU: 17TESTcheninskins